Great Christian Books for Reluctant Readers!Ages 8-14
  • The Amazing Laptop 8-Novel Series
    by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    For his 13th birthday, Matt gets the best gift ever: His own laptop. But then the stories he writes--even the outlandish ones!--begin to happen. And Matt can't help but discover the power of his words.

    The Amazing Laptop series is full of hilarity, action, adventure and mystery. With technology, sports and humor as key elements throughout, it's specifically written to engage boys. But girls love it, too! And with a strong Christian message about growing in Christ, parents appreciate every one.

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  • Amazing Laptop #1: Reality Shift by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When Matt discovers his stories coming true, what will he write?

  • Reality Shift

    Awarded “One of the 10 Best Books of 2002″ by!

    Thirteen-year-old Matt Calahan is suddenly tangled in a web of mystery, after he receives his dream gift—his very own laptop computer. However, it’s no ordinary laptop, and Matt soon discovers that what he types actually happens.

    In his quest to find out where the laptop came from, Matt locates a mysterious web page with a cryptic message that leaves him gripped in fear. What is he going to do now?

    Suddenly, he’s in a race against time as the fate of those he loves is at his fingertips. Full of suspense and intrigue, Reality Shift takes you on a technological adventure where anything is possible.

  • Chris says...

    "What an exciting series! Though it’s geared primarily to boys through Zonderkidz 2:52 Soul Gear tie-in, this series is fun for everyone. Filled with technological adventure, mystery, humor and sports, this is one of the funnest books I’ve ever written."


    The power of words

  • Amazing Laptop #2: Double Take by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Matt uncovers a mysterious secret about the school bully...a secret that has drastic consequences.

  • Double Take

    Matt and his friends uncover a mysterious secret about Matt’s nemesis, Hulk Hooligan.

    In part two of the Laptop series, the QoolQuad is back for another technological adventure when Matt is tempted to use the laptop to stifle an inevitable confrontation and beef up his own reputation at the same time.

    Matt and his friends are thrown into a pursuit that only ingenuity, creativity, and a lot of courage will get them through.

    Will Matt break the “Honor Code”? Will he choose to help his enemy or save himself?

    Full of suspense and intrigue, anything is possible in this technological thriller.

  • Chris says...

    "It seemed only natural that Matt and his friends immediately put the laptop to an 'ultimate challenge'–over a matter of life and death. I ended up liking Hulk so much, I wanted a story that focused a bit on him and his family."


    Living with Honor

  • Amazing Laptop #3: Explosive Secrets by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    The boys try to find out more about Matt's laptop during a father/son retreat...and ignite an explosive adventure.

  • Explosive Secrets

    The QoolQuad Laptop guys go on a father/son retreat in the wilderness. The boys, however, have another agenda.

    They have discovered that the address of the person who left the laptop message, “If you have come here then I must be dead,” lives near camp.

    They sneak away to find the note-writer, and after being dunked in the river and spending the night in a cave, they find a secret entrance to an old cabin.

    What they learn there is frightening—and Matt begins to realize that he and his dad might have more things in common after all.

  • Chris says...

    "Matt and his friends finally get closer to finding out some important secrets about the laptop in this fun, wilderness adventure."



  • Amazing Laptop #4: Power Play by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Matt risks everything for a girl--including the trust of his best friends.

  • Power Play

    Matt, Lamar, Gill, and Alfonzo have been there for each other through thick and thin. But things are about to change.

    Matt risks his reputation to ask a girl to the youth group banquet only to discover later that his friends have backed out and he’s going alone with Isabel.

    Matt takes out his frustrations on Gill and tension heightens and anger rises until a surprise visitor makes Matt realize that he and his friends will never make it through their predicaments alone—but together they can make it through anything.

  • Chris says...

    "This is my favorite Laptop novel yet, I guess because I’m a romantic at heart. Anytime I can get Matt and Isabel to interact, the dialogue feels golden."



  • Amazing Laptop #5: Dangerous Encounters by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    The truth gets tangled when Matt uses the laptop to play match-breaker for his friend.

  • Dangerous Encounters

    At first, Matt and his friends just think Lamar isn’t ready for his mother to start dating again. But constant unease is proven dead-on when the boys witness an event that proves the man invading Lamar’s life is downright dangerous.

    Immediately, with laptop in hand, the QoolQuad join together to expose the truth about the con artist … no matter what it takes!

    Filled with suspense, mystery, and hilarity, Matt and his friends discover that judging others can lead to deadly consequences in Dangerous Encounters.

  • Chris says...

    "Another fun Laptop story with some classic misunderstandings–and a good message on why it’s best not to judge others."


    Judging others

  • Amazing Laptop #6: Hot Pursuit by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    When gold is found underneath the house across the street, a high-speed chase ensues, putting everyone on the edge of their seats!

  • Hot Pursuit

    When gold is found in the basement of the Zarza’s house, everyone’s interest is suddenly piqued—especially a money-hungry thief who’ll stop at nothing to get what he claims is his own! But when you’re armed with a special laptop—thieves beware!

    Matt, Lamar, Gill, and Alfonzo throw their world into high gear as they band together to save Alfonzo’s house, solve a mystery, and stop a thief in his tracks.

    Packed with mystery, humor, and high-speed hi-jinks, Matt and his friends learn that the race that matters most is the one they live every day in Christ in Hot Pursuit.

  • Chris says...

    "One of my favorite sports when I was a tween was going to the stock car races. That sport is highlighted in this one--wrapped around a fun mystery."



  • Amazing Laptop #7: Choke Hold by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Matt tries out for the wrestling team and finds himself between the school bully and a hard place!

  • Choke Hold

    When Matt tries out for the wrestling team, he suddenly finds himself between a Hulk and a hard place!

    On one hand, he’s been grounded from using his laptop…on the other hand, his laptop is the only thing that might be able to save his life!

    Now Matt, Lamar, Gill and Alfonzo must make some quick decisions-some hard decisions-about what they believe…and what they won’t believe.

    This seventh book in The Amazing Laptop series combines hilarious adventure and suspense, as Matt discovers that wrestling with fear is overcome by revealing the truth.

  • Chris says...

    "Have you ever been so utterly scared of something that you’ll do just about anything to get out of it…and then later discover it wasn’t that bad after all? I have. And that’s what Matt discovers in this book which my editor called her favorite."


    Overcoming fear

  • Amazing Laptop #8: Shut Down by Christopher P. N. Maselli

    Matt and his friends are only a few steps away from discovering the truth behind the laptop and its creators...but will they be too late?

  • Shut Down

    The time has finally come.

    Matt and his friends are only a few steps away from discovering the mysterious truth behind the laptop—and those who created it.

    But when the awful truth is revealed, Sam is captured and the boys have no choice but to band together to create a secret sting operation and stage a rescue…if they can muster the courage.

    This eighth novel in the 2:52 Soul Gear™ Laptop series is packed with aquatic action, plenty of humor, and one amazing twist after another as it teaches tween boys how to become Smarter, Stronger, Deeper, and Cooler—just like Jesus.

  • Chris says...

    "This is it! All your questions are answered in this final book in the Laptop series. It’s sad to see this one end, but won’t you be glad to finally know whether Matt and his friends can make it through this in one piece?"



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See what readers are saying...

  • Christopher has this kind of “hook” that get’s EVERYONE’S attention--especially mine. It keeps the pages turning one after another, and before you know it, you’ve already finished a book! These books are AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Daniel, age 11
  • I LOVE your laptop series books!!!!! I own all of them!! They are so interesting and suspenseful that I can’t put them down!!!!

    Luke, age 13, Missouri
  • They are great! I really liked the emphasis on salvation in book #6. It’s encouraged me to reach my friends for Christ.

    Jeyan, age 13
  • I started reading your book on the way to church, and had to explain why I was laughing so hard. I don’t remember laughing that much through a book.

    Tiffany, Iowa
  • Your Explosive Secrets book has brought me closer to God and my dad.

    Ethan, age 12, Indiana
  • WOW!!! Reality Shift takes off. Well done Chris, not just a tecno-gimmick, but a well thought out device to train our kids with. THANK YOU!

    Laird, England
  • My 9-year-old who isn’t much of a reader read the first laptop book in less than two days! Thanks so much for the great books. He showed me the code of ethics at the end. He’s already starting book #2!

    Tracia, Montana
  • I really like your book. It’s really cool and it’s got lots of action in it. They’re the best books I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed them and can’t wait to read more.

    Nicholas, age 10, Oklahoma
  • While these laptop books are geared for boys, my girls love them. They are funny, action-packed and meaningful. Buy them!

    Michelle, Indiana
  • Wow! This is better than good! God is so evident in your writing. It’s not “hit me in the head with a 2×4″ religious verbage, but the message is there in an exciting, challenging way.

    Lisa, Texas
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